VP-407 Anti-Submarine SquadronCFB Comox, British Columbia, Canada

VP-407 Crew 4 (the Sledgehammers)
CP-140 Aurora  CFB Comox  VP-407  Crew 4  1984-1987  2880*1843 px  Canadian Armed Forces  Scanned by John Mark Motyer (myself)

Back row  (standing - left to right)
    • Lead Jake McPHERSON  (R.I.P.  5 June 1945 – 11 Jan 2011)
    • Navigator Gary "Bunny" LAROQUE
    • Pilot Steve HILL
    • Pilot Jean LANGEVIN
    • Navigator Warren "Wighty" WIGHTMAN
    • Navigator Pete "Lips" LIPOHAR

Front row  (kneeling - left to right)
    • Pilot Steve NICHOL
    • AESO "Marty" MARTEL
    • AESO John "Squiggy" MOTYER  (myself)
    • Navigator Kevin MURRAY
    • Navigator Dave THOMSON  (R.I.P.)
    • Navigator Jim "Gummer" FORBES  (R.I.P.)

Many thanks to my fellow crewmate JEFF BYAM for being able to remember, after 35+ years, the names of our fellow flightcrew members in the above picture.
The following Crew 4 flightcrew members listed below are missing from the above picture, due to postings & reassignments to other crews:

Missing  (Pilots)
    • Bob COULTER
    • Robert HANNULA

Missing  (Flight Engineers)
    • Bobby KNOX
    • Dave MILLMAN

Missing  (Navigators)
    • Jeff BYAM
    • A.J. MACKAY
    • Gerry ZANUSSI

Missing  (AESOs)
    • Brian "Buckwheat" ISFELD  (R.I.P.  5 Oct 1939 – 20 Jan 2008)

I apologize for the lousy low-quality... I recorded it off of TV onto VHS tape waaaay back in about 1987.